Infiniti Thinks Project Black S Could Be Sold In U.S. In Limited Numbers

Jeff Pope, Infiniti’s group vice president of the Americas, has told Motor Trend that he sees a place for the potent Q60 Project Black S in the U.S. market.

First revealed at the Geneva Motor Show back in 2017, the Q60 Project S combined Renault Formula One technology with the car manufacturer’s know-how. It turned a lot of heads, but Infiniti remained non-committal on whether it would see the light of day. At last year’s Paris Auto Show, an updated variant was shown to the world.

Asked about the potential of putting the car into production, Pope seemed quite open to the idea of selling it in the U.S.

Will It Become A Reality? Infiniti Q60 Project Black S Production Decision Coming Later This Year

“I think there’s absolutely space, as a specialty vehicle in a small volume, that’s more of a brand recognition type of model,” he said. “It’d be great to have a nameplate, being one of 400, 500 or however much volume that would be. That’s where I would see the execution of that car. It would be a statement vehicle for us.”

However, even if the Project Black S does become a production reality, it won’t happen anytime soon, with Motor Trend reporting it is not one of the five new models the car manufacturer is readying to launch in the next three years.

Based on the Q60 Red Sport 400, the Infiniti Project Black S features two energy harvesting systems that store energy in a 4.4 kWh lithium-ion battery pack which then supplements the electric turbochargers and an electric motor integrated into the rear axle. All up, the concept pumps out 563 HP, allowing it to accelerate to 62 mph (100 km/h) in less than four seconds.

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