Australian Police Made This Awesome Video Of A Holden Driver Acting Like A Buffoon

Police in the Australian state of Western Australia have shared a funny (yet concerning) video on Facebook showing the driver of a Holden Commodore doing donuts while being followed by at least three police cars and a police helicopter.

The clip, which has been edited together by the police force’s PR team, was captured from one of the police cars and the helicopter. It starts off by showing the Commodore driver spinning in circles and coming within feet of hitting the police cars which have their red and blue emergency lights flashing.

Rear-Wheel Drive Madness: Holden Commodore Veers Off The Road And Rolls Over Down Under

Ordinarily, one would think the presence of not just one but three police cars would prompt a driver to end their dangerous antics. In this case, the driver just kept on going. He can be seen traveling down an arrow-straight stretch of road, zigzagging his way along, spinning in circles, jumping over curbs, and wearing through the tires, leaving behind a sea of sparks as he continues to slide on the vehicle’s rims.

Before long, the car can’t take it anymore and one of the wheels falls off. Undeterred, the driver keeps the throttle pinned and turns on to another road, continuing to spin up the rear wheels. It’s not long before the Commodore proves a little too much to handle, though, so he spins off the road in front of a used car dealership. As expected, police officers then pounce and box him in.

The video ends by revealing that the man was arrested and charged. He has subsequently been sentenced to nine months in jail and had his driving license revoked for two years.

Reckless Driving

Posted by Western Australia Police Force on Monday, December 9, 2019

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