Intriguing Delahaye Recreation Is Gorgeous But Not Cheap

A special Delahaye recreation model has come up for sale on in Germany.

Delahaye was founded in 1894 by Emile Delahaye in Tours, France and produced a host of different models until its collapse in 1954. According to this car’s listing, this particular car was built by recreation specialist MB SL Technik and not only does it look, but it looks good enough to wear a Delahaye badge.

Most of the car’s exterior is made from lightweight aluminum that has been expertly crafted. Undoubtedly the most eye-catching elements of the vehicle’s design are the front and rear wheel covers with an outer edge completed in a mirrored finish. Another intriguing aspect of the car is the fact that it is painted Rosso Corsa, which just so happens to be a color from the Ferrari palette.

Powering the recreation is a 5.6-liter V8 delivering 230 HP, so despite its exotic looks, it won’t be able to keep up with modern performance cars. This vehicle is all about style and that, it has in spades.

The interior is very minimalist, with black leather adorning many surfaces and completed with red contrast stitching. Much of the dashboard is bathed in brushed aluminum and there is also a wooden steering wheel.

Mind you, it doesn’t come cheap. In fact, it has a listed price of €115,000 ($126,512); quite a lot for a car that is a recreation and not an original.

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