Holden’s Auctioning Some Of Its Historic Models Including First 2001 Monaro

GM’s once upon a long-time ago thriving, now stumbling to find its place in the market, Holden brand, is doing some spring cleaning and auctioning off a number of important cars.

Eight models are up for grabs and they’re being sold by Manheim during a special Holden heritage auction which kicks off on November 18th, as reported by Whichcar.

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The oldest model up for grabs is a 1980 Commodore L which looks virtually brand-new despite being nearly 40 years old and having 29,394 (47,305 km) on the odometer. The listing doesn’t say much about the car, but it was featured in a documentary and driven around Australia by motoring journalists Evan Green and Matt Whelan.

The second model will probably elicit a few chuckles as it’s a 1990 Holden Barina MF Hatch. It’s the most affordable of the group as bidding starts at just $4,000 AUD.

While Barina’s aren’t very collectible, this particular model holds 17 Guinness World Records for fuel efficiency. However, it’s no longer in running condition.

Buyers looking for something more interesting can bid on the 1995 VR Commodore Series II rally car that Ed Ordynski used to win the 1995 Mobil Round Australia Rally. Given its racing pedigree, it’s not surprising to learn the model isn’t in perfect shape. According to listing, it has a “crack to front bumper bar, numerous chips and scratches all over vehicle.”

The car has 29,395 miles (47,306 km) on it and a starting bid of $10,000 AUD.

Perhaps one of the most collectible cars is the first production 2001 Monaro CV8. Dressed in Flame Red paint, the high-performance coupe has a 5.7-liter V8 engine that was replaced in 2002 with just 1,264 miles (2,034 km) on it.

The car hasn’t been driven much since then as the model has only traveled 2,325 miles (3,742 km) overall. Sure to be a hit with Holden fans, bidding starts at $40,000 AUD.

Another special model is the last VE Commodore ever built. It’s a 2013 VE SSZ sedan with a 6.0-liter V8 engine that sends power to the rear wheels like a proper Commodore should. The car only has 8 miles (13 km) on it and bidding will begin at $30,000 AUD.

Other notable cars up for auction include the first production VF sedan, the first Commodore SS-V Redline Motorsport Edition and the first Commodore Director.

You can check out all the cars and more pictures here

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