Deputy Sheriff Does 80 MPH, Loses Control Of His SUV – And His Job

A strange incident occurred in Caldwell County, Νorth Carolina, when an SUV driven by a deputy sheriff went out of control and smashed into parked cars at an auto repair shop. The speed limit along the road is 45 mph (72 km/h); troopers estimate the deputy was driving nearly double that at 80 mph (129 km/h).

Specifically, the police said the deputy was responding to a call about an armed suspect and stolen car, when he lost control and slammed into an SUV for sale at Tim’s Automotive along Creekway Drive in Lenoir. The impact caused the cruiser to continue skidding sideways until it smashed into several other cars, knocking one into the building.

The deputy’s name has not been made public, but he has been released from the hospital and was subsequently fired from his job.

Immediately after the crash, neighbors like Tim Davidson could be seen running to help the deputy. “It was intense,” Davidson said. “I mean, it was only a blessing from God that they didn’t turn in a few more feet this way because he could have wiped us all out because we were all outside.” Neighbors said they smashed one of the cruiser’s windows and pulled the deputy out.

Tim’s Automotive owner Tracy Hartley told Channel 9 she’s glad no one was seriously hurt. “Thank God nobody got hurt. That’s all that I was worried about. Just happy nobody got hurt,” Hartley said.

Thankfully, the shop was closed when the crash happened. “I just couldn’t believe what happened. The damages — three vehicles, four vehicles,” he said. The business was cleared to reopen on Monday morning.

Officials said the North Carolina Highway Patrol and the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office are continuing to investigate the crash. When Channel 9’s Dave Faherty asked who was responsible for paying for damages at the auto shop, the Sheriff’s Office replied that they have insurance.

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