Admit It, You Want To Touch And Drive The LEGO Bugatti Chiron, Don’t You?

They say that boys never grow up, their toys just get bigger. And by looking at the full-size LEGO Bugatti Chiron, we can only agree.

Brought to the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show as part of a world tour, which will then take it to LEGO Land, north of San Diego, it continues dropping jaws more than a year after it officially premiered.

Review: Climb Aboard The Fully-Working, Life-Size Lego Bugatti Chiron

The big boy toy was built using more than 1 million LEGO Technic pieces, each one being carefully positioned to mimic the look of the real hypercar. Everything matches the actual Chiron, from the horseshoe grille and rear wing, to the wheels and even brake discs with calipers that display the Bugatti name on them.

The interior follows the same path, as the dashboard, center console, door panels, seats and dials all stay true to the real thing. The steering wheel is said to be removable, but technically, the whole car can be disassembled quite easily. It’s the putting together part that you’ll want to pay attention to, as it required a whopping 13,000 man-hours the first time.

It’s not all about looks, though, as the LEGO Bugatti Chiron can actually be driven. That’s right, if LEGO allowed you too, you could  hop in and be on your way, although not as fast as its brand name suggests. Total output is a mere 5.3 hp (5.4 PS / 4 kW) and 68 lb-ft (92 Nm) of torque, which allows the 1.5-ton (3,307 lbs) model to hit a top speed of just a little over 12 mph (20 km/h).

The stunning project was even tested at Ehra Lessien before the official unveiling, but that’s a story for another time. Now, you should head on down and see it in our live image gallery from the show floor, which also includes the Bugatti EB110.

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