A 2020 Corvette C8 Just Crashed In Detroit’s First Snowfall

What we assume to be a per-production 2020 Chevrolet Corvette has fallen victim to snow in Detroit while driving down the I-75.

Jalopnik reader Michael came across the sad scene while driving down the highway and shot a brief video of the stranded ‘Vette. An image posted on Instagram by panda_hellcat also shows the mid-engined sports car sitting right next to a wall on the side of the I-75.

The video and image only show the rear-end of the Corvette so it’s impossible to tell if it actually made contact with the wall or if it came to a stop just a few inches before scrapping up its front end.

It’s unclear what exactly caused the crash but we suspect the driver was probably a little over-zealous with the throttle while driving on the snow. Having inadvertently driven a C7 Corvette Z51 in light snow ourselves, we can confirm that controlling such a powerful rear-engined sports car on summer tires in snow isn’t easy.

Astute Corvette enthusiasts will know that Chevrolet recently confirmed production of customer examples won’t start until next year. As a result, the car in question clearly wasn’t a customer car and instead a pre-production prototype being driven by someone from General Motors. So, if the car has been damaged, at least the carmaker will easily be able to repair it and return it to the streets.

This isn’t the first known crash involving a C8 Corvette Stingray prototype. In August, just three weeks after the sports car was unveiled, one was crashed and badly damaged in California.


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