Bentley Made An App So You Can Virtually Park A Flying Spur Anywhere – Show Us Your Photos

Bentley‘s new Augmented Reality (AR) app will allow you to place the automaker’s latest iteration of the Flying Spur anywhere you choose, from a Bentley retailer to your driveway and hey, even inside your house.

The app, dubbed the Bentley AR Visualiser, is available on both the Apple App Store, as well as the Google Play Store. All you have to do is download and install the app, and you can begin experiencing what Bentley deems is the world’s finest grand touring sedan.

If you use the app between now and Q1 of 2020, you’ll basically be “toying” with the car before Bentley even commences first deliveries for the new Flying Spur.

The British automaker will allow you to visualize both the exterior and interior in two different specs – ‘Luxury’ and ‘Performance’.

The Luxury spec boasts a Meteor exterior with an interior finished in Brunel and Linen leather, whereas the Performance model comes with an Extreme Silver exterior, with Beluga leather accented by Hotspur stitching inside the cabin. Both configurations have the Mulliner Driving Specification, Rear Seat Entertainment, Bentley Rotating Display and the new Flying B mascot. The Performance spec model also features the new Blackline spec.

According to Bentley, this app is among the industry’s most advanced in terms of AR technology. Aside from choosing multiple specs, users can also change the size of the car, from something you can place on a table to a full-size simulation. To top everything off, you’ll even be able to take the Flying Spur on an AR test drive.

Note: We just installed the app on an iPhone XS and while it does work as advertised, it takes a surprisingly long time to boot up, despite running on a 2018 flagship device. Similar case with a Pixel 2 XL Android device where it also takes a bit of time to fully load. 

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