Delta Motorsport Launches S2 Flexible Autonomous EV Platform

Delta Motorsport is launching its autonomous electric vehicle platform, the S2, at a low carbon and mobility event in Bedfordshire.

The Delta S2 is basically an aluminum chassis engineered to allow for total flexibility in terms of vehicle length, width, ride height and wheelbase length. Pulling its strings is the platform master controller (PMC), which allows for the rapid and low-risk development of new vehicle configurations.

Delta’s PMC accommodates a wide range of drive, steering and braking system configurations, while also being tasked with controlling the interfaces of the battery system, charger and other high voltage components.

“Many companies are developing the artificial intelligence required for autonomous vehicles, but they do not necessarily have a vehicle capable of delivering their vision,” said Delta exec, Simon Dowson. “The flexibility of the S2 chassis and the integration of the platform master controller allows the delivery of multiple configurations quickly and at low cost.”

Aside from its flexible vehicle platform, Delta will also be exhibiting its catalytic generator and battery modules at the Cenex event – the former producing 35 kW of power.

“Its low weight, compact size and near-zero-emissions make it ideal for use as an automotive range extender,” said Delta engineer, Nick Carpenter. “Even using gasoline as a fuel, the optimised operation point and catalytic reaction give competitive efficiency with near-zero NOx, CO and particulates.”

The Silverstone-based company’s experience with battery system engineering also allows it to deliver solution for multiple high-power applications, from 48-volt mild hybrid technology to 1,000-volt hypercar systems in low volume vehicles.

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