Morgan Driver Rear-Ends Audi SUV At High Speed, Lives To Tell The Tale

Imagine yourself sitting comfortably in traffic when all of a sudden somebody plows into you from behind. This type of crash can cause a considerable jolt, and the sheer noise of the impact is enough to terrify most people.

However, it’s usually more scary for the person who caused the incident, especially if they happen to be behind the wheel of something that doesn’t exactly adhere to high EuroNCAP standards. In this case, that would be an open-top Morgan Plus 4.

According to Kent Online, the crash took place last week, and the Morgan ended up hitting a 2019 Audi SUV driven by 31-year old Dr. Syd Hassan, who was there with his partner.

“We were off on a four day holiday to Snowdonia and were coming back home in our model year 2019 Audi SUV, on A5 near Shrewsbury,” said Hassan. “We slowed down with other cars at a busy roundabout when this gentleman came out of nowhere at 70 mph and rammed his car into us from behind.”

“My first reaction was that of shock and jolt, but being an emergency doctor within seconds I was running to that gentleman to see if he was ok. My partner also started walking behind me, but she felt dizzy and slumped down on the side of the road for a few seconds to recover.”

“Nobody stopped for a good 10 to 15 minutes and I checked the gentleman. I was helping him out of his car, on his request, as his doors were jammed, when a lovely couple stopped. She was an off-duty nurse in acute medicine and they helped me get him out of the car.”

Apparently, the police and an ambulance got to the scene of the accident in 20 to 25 minutes, the latter transporting the couple in the Audi, as well as the driver of the Morgan to the hospital.

We can’t help but feel as though things could have gone much worse for the driver of the British sports car, so under those circumstances, perhaps he should consider himself lucky.


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