Aston Martin Vanquish Vision Concept Is A McLaren 720S And Ferrari F8 Tributo Rival

This is the Aston Martin Vanquish Vision Concept, which has just been unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show and previews to British automaker’s upcoming mid-engine supercar. The new Vanquish will slot below the Valkyrie and 003 hypercars in Aston’s range and take the fight to the likes of the Ferrari F8 Tributo and McLaren 720S.

Aston Martin is keeping many core details of the Vanquish Vision Concept under wraps but has confirmed that it will feature a version of the marque’s new V6 which is set to premiere in hybrid turbo form in the 003 hypercar. Limited details are known about this V6 but in order to match or exceed the 710 hp outputs of the McLaren 720S and Ferrari F8 Tributo, it will likely use some form of hybridization or twin-turbochargers.

The British automaker has also announced that the Vanquish Vision Concept ditches the carbon fiber monocoque chassis of the Valkyrie and 003 and instead uses a bespoke bonded aluminum chassis. This platform will be cheaper and easier to produce than a carbon fiber alternative and allow Aston Martin to price the vehicle at a similar level to its rivals.

The established supercars need to watch their backs

“Firstly, what a pleasure to revive the Vanquish name,” Aston Martin Lagonda president Andy Palmer said about the vehicle.

“Synonymous with our series production flagships, it felt entirely appropriate to attach it to such a significant car. The Vanquish Vision Concept marks another pivotal moment in Aston Martin’s history, and another critical step in delivering the Second Century Plan. Our first series production rear mid-engined supercar will be a transformational moment for the brand, for it is the car that will propel Aston Martin into a sector of the market traditionally seen as the heartland of luxury sports cars.”

The design of the Aston Martin Vanquish Vision Concept shares an obvious resemblance to the Valkyrie. This is particularly evident at the vehicle’s front-end where there are similar oval-shaped headlights to the Valkyrie as well as a similar aerodynamic front bumper and sculpted front splitter. At the rear, the supercar includes a pair of tailpipes exiting high up the fascia.

*Article updated with live images from the Geneva Motor Show (3/6/2019)

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