This Is Our First Look At Morgan’s New 2020 ‘Wide Body’ Sports Car

In their 110th year of existence, which is in 2019 by the way, Morgan will launch an entirely new sports car. It’s known as the ‘Wide Body’ internally, and we have the first official spy shots that, unlike the previous teaser, reveal way more than just a garage door.

The vinyl wraps are usually meant to hide the exterior design of a new car. However, Morgan being Morgan, it’s not hard to see its overall shape. Quite the contrary, because the new sports car retains the automaker’s classic design, has a folding roof and fe11atures some very wide fender flares, hence the ‘Wide Body’ unofficial name that best describes it until we learn its official moniker.

Billed as “the most dynamically capable production Morgan ever”, it is underpinned by a new, bonded aluminum fabricated platform. It was designed in-house and, even though its tech specs haven’t been announced yet, we bet it’s rear-wheel drive only.

Power will be provided by an engine “never before installed in a Morgan”, according to the British car firm. This doesn’t tell us much to be honest, but we do know that it won’t be a V8. The Morgan era of eight-cylinder-powered vehicles ended last year and was marked by the Aero GT.

Morgan will launch their new sports car this year, though they didn’t provides us with an exact date. Since they will attend the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, so this might be a possible venue.

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