2020 Karma Revero Facelift Testing In Germany Hints At European Debut

We’ve known Karma was working on an updated version of the Revero since December 2017, when one of our readers spotted a prototype in California.

A very similar test prototype was seen recently in Germany but judging by the identical camouflage it carries not a lot of progress seems to have been made in one year.

Of course, the abundant disguise material points at the 2020 Karma Revero getting a new design at the front and rear. Still, the unmistakable silhouette of the car designed by Henrik Fisker seems unchanged. Testing the car in Europe likely means that Karma has plans to offer it on the continent, where the plug-in hybrid model will debut with updates to the powertrain as well.

As with the current Revero, the test prototype features roof-mounted solar panels that charge the battery pack while the car is parked in the sun. It is believed the new model will bring improvements to the panels’ efficiency. In the Revero that’s on sale in the United States, drivers can see on the infotainment screen when the sun’s energy is being captured.

Currently, the Revero uses a 235hp 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that acts as a generator, charging the 21kWh battery pack while on the move. The battery feeds electricity to two rear-mounted electric motors that drive the rear wheels. The motors produce a total output of 403 hp (301 kW) and 981 lb-ft (1,330 Nm) of maximum torque.

In full electric mode, the Karma Revero can cover up to 50 miles (80 km), with the overall driving range reaching up to 300 miles (510 km) according to the carmaker — although the EPA begs to differ on that. For the 2020 model, Karma is expected to offer an increased EV range.

Photo credits: S. Baldauf/SB-Medien for Carscoops

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