Pininfarina’s Electric SUVs To Use Rivian Underpinnings

While Automobili Pininfarina has yet to launch its all-electric, world-beating hypercar, they have already started work on no less than three electric SUVs, one of which will directly rival the Lamborghini Urus.

Codenamed PF1, this range-topping Pininfarina SUV is having the final touches done to its design and the company has already decided on what technology will underpin the vehicle.

Whereas the PF0 hypercar will use an electric powertrain sourced from Croatia’s Rimac, the Italian car manufacturer will instead partner with Rivian for its family of SUVs.

According to Autocar India, Rivian will supply Pininfarina with its electric architecture. As such, Pininfarina’s PF1 SUV will probably have the same 3,450 mm (135.8 in) wheelbase as the Rivian R1S which recently premiered at the LA Auto Show. Rivian’s electric architecture combines a floor-mounted battery pack with air suspension and a system dubbed Dynamic Roll Control.

For use in the PF1, Rivian’s electric powertrain is expected to use a 135 kWh battery pack with an electric motor at each wheel, resulting in a total of 1,089 hp. Even though the PF1 could weigh upwards of 2,500 kg (5,500 lbs), all that power will help to ensure it is one of the fastest SUVs on the planet.

In terms of its design, the Pininfarina PF1 will have a similar smooth look to the PF0 hypercar and feature the same LED strip running the width of the nose. Of course, buying a PF1 won’t be cheap. In fact, early reports indicate that a price between $200,000 and $290,000 is quite likely.

Overall, it is somewhat surprising to hear that Pininfarina has opted to join forces with Rivian rather than expanding its relationship with Rimac. While Rimac doesn’t have expertise with SUVs, it is a leader in high-performance electric powertrains and is already working with the likes of Aston Martin and Koenigsegg. By comparison, Rivian is still a new player on the block and has yet to bring a vehicle to market.

Note: Rivian R1S pictured.

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