Morgan Looks Back At V8-Powered Models, Teases New Sports Car

Over the past 50 years, V8-powered cars were common at Morgan. Nonetheless, the British company is getting ready for a new era, one in which the eight-cylinder units will not be featured.

Morgan knows the significance of their V8 models, so they have released a new video that looks back at some of their most iconic cars.

The clip shows Morgan chief test driver Keith Dalley on his final V8 test around the Malvern Hills. Mr. Dalley is the person responsible for putting every aluminum chassis Morgan V8 through its paces, and admits that, although the change is good for the small British automaker, he’ll miss these cars.

In 2019, Morgan will introduce an entirely new sports car. It will use a so-called ‘bonded aluminum fabricated’ chassis designed in-house, which will be twice as stiff as the one used in previous flagship Morgans.

Powering it will be “a performance powertrain never before installed in a Morgan”, according to the automaker. It will be their “most dynamically capable production” car ever, and its soundtrack can be heard at the end of the video shared below.

The yet-unnamed Morgan sports car won’t be a direct replacement for the Plus 8 and Aero 8, but it will fill the space left by their demise.


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