This Is The World’s Whitest And Coolest Porsche Collection

Some people have really specific tastes in cars. There are folks who have all-Maserati or all-Ferrari collections, some who only collect VW Golfs, and others who only own white cars.

Car tastes are as diverse as the world we live in. But what if we told you there is someone who takes things to another level by collecting white Porsches only? That person exists somewhere in the United States and has given Porsche Club of America unprecedented access to their stash.

There are no fewer than 65 white Porsches in the secretive collection, spanning the German carmaker’s entire history. There’s everything from rear-engined Porsche 356s and 911s of all generations, front-engined 968 and 944 models, and the mid-engined 914. Speaking of mid-ship sports cars, the Boxster and Cayman are nowhere in sight, though.

The video also reveals supercars like the 959 (the center of the collection), Carrera GT and 918 Spyder hypercar. And let’s not forget rare specials like the 1997 911 GT1 “Strassenversion” and the iconic 1973 911 Carrera RS 2.7 — the collection has two of those. What else could impress visitors after seeing those? How about two 911 GT2 RS cars and six 911 GT3 RS from 2004 to 2018 model years?

Unsurprisingly, the mysterious collector doesn’t dig four-door Porsches so you won’t see Macan, Cayenne or Panamera models in the immaculate garage. However, the collection does include two Porsche Diesel Junior tractors. Let’s face it, the only place that beats this is probably the Porsche Museum.

The attention to details is mental: not only all the cars are white but also the building, the walls, the floors, and the furniture. It’s probably the next best thing to heaven for Porsche fans who are lucky enough to visit “The White Collection.”


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