Infiniti Q50 EV Is A Concept For The Year 2025

Wondering what an all-electric midsize sedan from Infiniti could look like eight years from now? Check out this hypothetical successor to the Q50.

The designer, one Navneeth Kannan, started out by imagining a futuristic Infiniti-badged model, with a driver-focused design inside and a bold architecture that will subtly hint at its electrified powertrain.

As you can see, the driver would sit in a sort of enclosed structure, surrounded by an elongated center console. The front passenger however could kick back and enjoy what the designer calls a “lounge-like environment”, with a swivel function for the seat.

The steering wheel is particularly interesting though. First, you can hardly even call it a “wheel” since it’s shaped like something you’d see in a sci-fi movie where people take a left at the asteroid belt, instead of at a light. Second, it’s got a slim display embedded into the top part where you can see the car’s speed and presumably other bits of info as well.

As for the exterior, while there are one or two features that help you recognize this concept as being an Infiniti (like the grille and arguably the headlights too), you could in reality put just about any badge on it since the design si so far-removed from the cars of today, you’d have no problem passing this off as a European or an American model.



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