FIA Confirms Formula One Will Adopt Halo Protection In 2018

The FIA has confirmed that the controversial halo cockpit protection will be introduced for the 2018 season.

The decision comes just days after Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel tested the shield during practice at the British Grand Prix and said it made him feel dizzy. SkySports reports that a meeting of F1’s Strategy Group was held on Wednesday when the final decision was made.

It is reported that most of the sport’s teams voted against the implementation of the halo but that the FIA is pushing ahead with the plan on safety grounds.

In a statement, the FIA said “Following the unanimous agreement of the Strategy Group, in July 2016, to introduce additional frontal protection for Formula 1 and the repeated support from the drivers, the FIA confirms the introduction of the Halo for 2018.

“Having developed and evaluated a large number of devices over the past five years, it had become clear that the Halo presents the best overall safety performance.”

Formula One’s 10 teams will now start incorporating the Halo into their 2018 designs.


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