BBR’s Mazda MX-5 Is A 248HP-Breathing Roadster

Mazda tuning specialist BBR has launched its latest development, a Stage 1 turbocharger upgrade for the MY 2015 onwards Mazda MX-5 ND models, including the RF.

Revolving around the 2.0-liter four-banger unit, it adopts a twin-scroll turbocharger, which, along with other tweaks, brings the total output to 248hp and 236lb-ft (320Nm) of torque.

This represents a 90hp and lb-ft (120Nm) increase over the standard model, and slashes its 0-60mph (96 km/h) sprint from 7.3 seconds to 5.0 seconds, while top speed is electronically capped at 155mph (250km/h).

Purists shouldn’t be worried, as BBR says that the upgrade, which is straightforward to install, retains a factory style appearance, and is fully reversible.

The tuner will gladly install the Stage 1 upgrade to your Mazda MX-5 for £4,995 ($6,396), and will provide you with a dyno power graph.

However, if you’re looking into a small project, then they can also supply a DIY version, which comes with all the hardware and software, for £4,395 ($5,628). The tuning package is available for both UK as well as US buyers, the latter however will need to contact Flyin’ Miata, the exclusive distributor.


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