Staged Or Real? Creepy Driver Catcalls Cyclist Girl, She Rips Off His Mirror

Regardless if this video may have been staged – we can’t say for sure, replying to verbal abuse by throwing in property abuse isn’t exactly the sensible thing to do.

Then again, catcalling is the exact opposite of “being sensible”, as many women fall pray to this type of behavior on the street, which is embarrassing pretty much for everybody involved.

Either way, if we were to ignore the questionable validity of the video, what we end up with is a guy acting a little too “friendly” around the woman on the bicycle.

He keeps insisting on getting her phone number, which is a ridiculous thing to ask somebody in traffic, especially when you’re behaving like an uneducated jerk and making a scene.

The incident unfortunately escalates when the woman stops along side the van after it set off, and actually rips the driver-side mirror clean off – which shouldn’t be that easy to do, should it?


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