Uber Launches Tesla Model S Fleet in Madrid

Uber has launched a fleet of Tesla Model S vehicles in Madrid as part of its return to the Spanish capital.

Uber was previously operating in the city until the end of 2014, when it was forced to leave due to hostility from local taxi companies. It returned this April with UberX, which employs only professionally licensed drivers.

Now, the UberONE service has been launched solely using the Tesla Model S and including premium extras like in-car internet connections. Uber hopes that by introducing a fleet of electric vehicles in Madrid it will win favor with the left-wing mayor Manuela Carmena and be granted less restrictive licenses to operate.

In a statement, Uber said: “An electric premium service for a city that aspires to become the capital of the electric vehicle. An innovative proposal in an innovative city. A good mix, right?”

At this stage, it isn’t known if Uber intends on launching similar electric car fleets in other cities as well.


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