Continental & University of Oxford Looking Into Artificial Intelligence For Automated Driving

International tech company Continental and the University of Oxford have joined forces in conducting research in the field of artificial intelligence.

Their partnership will focus on the possible uses of AI algorithms, which can potentially enhance future mobility applications by optimizing visual detection and human-machine dialogue moving forward.

Continental expects this partnership to give the areas of automated and autonomous driving a boost going forward, while also improving future vehicle access systems, accident minimization (via intelligent warning systems) as well as the sensitive dialogue that will take place in the future before a driver and his vehicle.

“Our vision is a world in which the transportation of people and goods is fully automated and seamless, freeing up time and mental resources for other tasks,” said Demetrio Aiello, head of Artificial Intelligence & Robotics at Continental. “Continental will contribute its deep technological understanding and competence in the mobility world, while Oxford offers best-in-class algorithmic competence and an extremely innovative environment. With their help, we can transform our vision into reality; with our help, Oxford can see how their research is translated into new products and services for mobility of a future world.”

Andrea Vedaldi, a principal investigator in the Visual Geometry Group stated that advances in artificial intelligence can revolutionize key areas such as transportation.

“We believe that, due to the extensive presence of Continental’s technology in the automotive sector, incorporating state-of-the-art artificial intelligence systems in their products has a significant transformative potential for this area.”


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