Rolls-Royce Ships Record Fleet Of 30 Bespoke Phantoms To Macau

Rolls-Royce has sent a record shipment of luxury limousines to Macau. The fleet of 30 Phantoms are destined for a soon-to-be-opened hotel in the Chinese city, each one of them made specially to order.

Prepared by the company’s Bespoke division, the first of the Extended Wheelbase Phantoms was presented at the Geneva Motor Show this past March. Their buyer is Stephen Hung, owner of The 13 in Macau – the city known as the Las Vegas of the Far East.

Each of the garish, stretched Phantoms is decked out in a special shade called Stephen Red, with a gold coachline, 21-inch wheels (also finished in the same shade of red), and an interior with a checkered pattern and special clocks crafted by Graff.

As if they weren’t loud enough already, two of the 30 are further specialized with gold-flaked red paint and gold grille, Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament, and interior accents, as well as diamond-encrusted badges.

The fleet of custom limousines will be available for guests to use once the hotel opens early next year, with the gilded pair reserved for the facility’s most elite clients. Now complete, the order represents the largest that the factory in Goodwood has ever delivered.

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