Did You Hear About The Guy Who Plays F1 Engine Sounds With His Guitar?

If you love racing and can’t get enough of hearing Formula One engines on the track, listening to Mario Torrado play guitar might bring a huge smile on your face.

Torrado doesn’t just try to replicate the noise of a Formula 1 engine on his electric guitar – he goes way above and beyond that by actually replicating engine up- and down-shifts as well as hitting the rev-limiter sounds. Furthermore, he does all that while the graphics on the video are showing his “progress” on certain tracks.

He also tries to mimic famous laps such as Vettel’s pole lap in the US back in 2012 or Barrichello’s pole lap record from Monza in 2004. Granted, the clips are pretty old but if you had no clue this guy existed, it’s definitely worth checking out.

In his latest video, which is from May, 2015, he even creates an echo effect in the Monaco tunnel while replicating Nico Rosberg’s pole lap there from a year earlier.

Since he’s got about 25 videos of him turning his guitar into a Formula 1 race car, all you have to do is click here to check them all out. To get a small taste, check out the video below.


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