BMW Keen To Remain Best-Selling Luxury Brand As Sales Drop Behind Mercedes

BMW is determined to remain the world’s best-selling luxury automaker despite being beaten by Mercedes-Benz in the first six months of the year.

Thanks to demand for its models as well as from Mini and Rolls-Royce, BMW is consistently the highest selling automaker of its kind. This year however, Mercedes-Benz has introduced a wave of new models allowing it to snatch the lead coming into the second half of the year. Most notably, the new E-Class has launched alongside the GLC and GLE Class SUVs as well as a number of new C-Class derivatives.

By comparison, BMW hasn’t launched any significant model redesigns in 2016 but with sales of the next-gen 5-Series to begin shortly, the Bavarian firm’s sales figures are on the cusp of a significant boost.

BMW’s sales are 9,000 units behind those of Mercedes-Benz and even with the launch of the new 5-Series, making up this much ground while demand for Merc’s models remains strong, seems unlikely.

Either way, BMW is focusing on more important things, most notably the development and improvement of its autonomous driving features. By 2021, the firm hopes to unveil a car that can completely drive itself.


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