Citroen Will Adopt Bold C4 Cactus Styling For New Range

The C4 Cactus was launched two years ago, as an innovative-looking crossover featuring plastic side panels, very slim headlights and pop-out rear windows.

While it may have seemed like more of an exercise in creativity at the time, it turns out that “quirky” is actually the direction that Citroen is interested in taking when it comes to their future. Since it became a commercial success, it makes sense that it will style its new models using the same philosophy – and the new C3 that was revealed only yesterday is proof of that.

Brand chief Linda Jackson told Autonews that the goal is to design something “between different and bizarre,” and that “if you look in the mainstream, an awful lot of the cars are the same.”

Citroen will also be relying heavily on the anticipated success of their soon to be unveiled all-new C3 hatchback, as well as their current DS range – which is where customers usually look if they’re in the market for a more stylish Citroen nowadays.

Jackson went on to add that the company’s ultimate goal is for the customer to immediately be able to identify a Citroen when analyzing an entire row of cars on the road.

However, according to automotive consultant Bertrand Rakoto, “the problem with Citroen is nobody knows exactly what its positioning is compared to the Peugeot brand.” Hopefully for them, unique-looking cars such as the C4 Cactus will become successful and help Citroen establish a new identity.


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