Over 400,000 Dodge Charger Models Recalled To Receive Wheel Chocks

A large recall for the Dodge Charger has just been announced and despite the ever-increasing number of Takata-related airbag recalls, the Charger is being called back to dealerships for a slightly more peculiar reason.

The American automaker says that it has received three reports of owners suffering minor hand injuries while changing wheels when the car slipped off the provided jack. To resolve this issue, Dodge will provide Charger owners with wheel chocks they can use when changing a wheel.

In total, the recall affects 441,578 Charger models produced between 2011-2016 in the United States and a further 4,969 in Mexico, 19,229 in Canada and 38,947 units outside the NAFTA region.

In a statement issued to Autoblog, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles US spokesman Eric Mayne said “The body structure of this vehicle is unique. If owner’s manual instructions are not followed, slippage may occur. Chocks are being provided to help ensure the instructions are followed. We are continually analyzing warranty data to identify ways to improve the ownership experience. When tire-jack data was reviewed, we identified a need to further assist our customers.”


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