Misha Design 458 Italia Is A Ferrari Unlike Any Other

Until now, the Liberty Walk wide-body kit was the most outrageous offering for the 458 Italia. Or so we thought.

Even though it was replaced by the more powerful (and turbocharged) 488 GTB, the 458 Italia hasn’t lost its appeal and Misha Design’s radical new offering for the Prancing Horse is taking it to another level. As a matter of fact, this outstandingly exaggerated Ferrari is for those who still have a poster of an 80’s supercar icon hanged somewhere in their home.

Even the almighty LaFerrari looks somewhat tamed in comparison with this 458, which obviously tries to mimic the FXX K’s style cues, with its large wing and back-end design. So, in case you ever wanted, or needed, a track-inspired super-machine to take to the streets, this is it.

Sporting 3-inch swollen fenders and everything you can imagine between the front splitter to the rear diffuser, the package is limited to 20 units, making it rarer than the FXX K itself. It even has a custom-made hood, an aggressive front bumper, complemented by an integrated carbon splitter, and a back-end the designers the designers in Maranello would find it difficult to recognize.

Misha Design hasn’t released any performance or power figures, but we’re guessing that even if the engine is in stock tune, customers drawn to it won’t mind as its main attraction is, well, turning heads .


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