Jay Leno Tries Out Motorized Retro Bicycles

Mopeds or scooters which you can also pedal, usually with a 49 cc two-stroke engine, are nothing new, but nowadays styling is very important. The kind tested by Jay Leno in the video below are all about the look and less so about engineering or technology.

They are created by a company called Phantom Bikes which has tried to make them look a lot like vintage motorbikes of the early 1920s. The engine used is the standard, but it’s enough to push the bike all the way up to around 70 km/h or 43 mph.

If you run out of gas, you can pedal it, otherwise the pedals are just footrests as you will probably just rely on the engine to move you along. In fact, maybe they could do away with the pedals altogether, as you can apparently run one of these for around 240 km or 140 miles for each gallon of fuel.

Scroll down and check out the different varieties offered by Phantom Bikes; the video also features TV personality Justin Bell riding alongside Jay, trying out a different spec.


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