BMW CEO Collapses On Stage At Frankfurt; Don’t Worry, He’s Okay Now!

Harald Krueger, the 49 year-old Chief Executive Officer of BMW has collapsed on stage while giving a presentation at the Frankfurt motor show. He’s now reportedly out of harm’s way and recovering after suffering a “moment of dizziness.”

As you can see in the video, moments before collapsing his face reads that something is wrong, then he takes a couple of steps back and falls. Motor show officials immediately step in to help him up, but Mr. Krueger still seems disoriented and immediately exists stage-left.

A follow-up press release quoting BMW spokesperson Maximilian Schoberl says “his condition is not worrisome,” and “they’ve ruled out anything serious.”

The CEO’s role in the presentations was taken up by BMW CFO, Friedrich Eichiner.

See the fall in the video posted after the virtual jump!

via AP


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