Range Rover’s X1 and Q3 Fighter Could Look Like This

Land Rover has definitely considered a sub-Evoque compact crossover SUV, but this doesn’t mean it will get the green light.

The thinking behind a sub-Evoque model is fairly simple. Land Rover needs something to compete with the likes of the BMW X1, Audi Q3 and Mercedes-Benz GLA. The problem is that the Evoque is already a fairly small compact SUV. Actually, the size of the Evoque has always been sitting a bit in the middle – not quite big enough to rival a BMW X3, but not small enough to be a BMW X1 rival. Plus, the Evoque’s price clearly puts it in BMW X3 territory.

The good news for Land Rover is that they’re currently doing really well sales-wise in both the premium compact SUV segment as well as the full size segment.

The Evoque is the 3rd best selling SUV in its class, ahead of the BMW X3, while the LR Discovery Sport is more successful in Europe than the likes of the BMW X4, Lexus NX and Porsche Macan – and I expect sales for the Discovery Sport to actually go up.

In the full-size premium SUV segment, the Range Rover Sport is the 2nd best selling model in Europe, trailing only the BMW X5. No need to hurry, then, and introduce another new model, even if this particular segment is currently booming.

Renderings courtesy of Theophilus Chin


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