VW Polo GTI vs. Ford Fiesta ST Drag Race Has Photo Finish

When you think about cars such as the Polo GTI or the Fiesta ST you don’t necessarily think of them as veritable hot hatches.

They’re more like “pocket rockets”. They’re small, agile, quick and loads of fun to drive. Of course, when they end up facing each other, it’s every car for itself. This is not a “friendly” game.

So then which is quicker? The 182 PS Ford Fiesta ST or the 192 PS VW Polo GTI? On paper, the difference is negligible. The Polo will hit 100 km/h (62 mph) in 6.7 seconds whereas the Fiesta will need 6.9 seconds. In terms of top speed, the V-Dub is looking at 236 km/h (146 mph), while the Fiesta can only manage 220 km/h (136 mph).

Then there’s the DSG gearbox which favors the Polo GTI, but it’s hard to call it a clear favorite when you’re only doing a short distance drag race.

We don’t want to tell you who won, but we can tell you that it was painfully close and that we needed a slow motion replay in order to call it.


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