Vote For Your Favorite BMW 7-Series Generation

Along with the usual release detailing the all-new 2016 7-Series, BMW has also dropped some videos and photos of the previous generation models.

I’m sure that after looking at all the photos and videos each of you will have a favorite, but for me the one that ticks all the boxes is the third-generation BMW 7-Series, the one codenamed E38.

Maybe it’s because the E38 was gracing the covers of car magazines when I was a kid or maybe its classy and timeless design has to do something with it. What is certain is that the E38 was the first 7-Series that hid the two pairs of round headlights behind a glass, a feature that remains to this day.

But the BMW 7-Series E38 was even more significant from a technological point of view. It was the first 7er available with a diesel engine (in Europe) and an automatic transmission, as well as the first 7-Series available with a satellite navigation system.

I’m sure many of you have different opinions, so make up your mind by checking out the photo gallery posted below and the videos – there’s a playlist button on the top left corner which allows you to select between videos.

Feel free to state your case in the commentary section, but not before you vote your favorite BMW 7-Series generation in our poll.

Poll: Which is your favorite BMW 7-Series generation?



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