Morgan Reveals Full Electric But Still Very Vintage 3 Wheeler

Morgan will debut an all-electric concept, based on their popular 3 Wheeler at Goodwood Festival of Speed, called the EV3 Concept.

Morgan has ditched the 2.0-litre V Twin petrol engine in favour of an electric motor, producing 75KW of power which translates at about 100hp. Don’t be fooled though; the EV3 is said to be even lighter than its 450kg petrol-sipping brother.

The British company says that the prototype is currently under full development, with the production car scheduled for launch towards the end of 2016. This is the second electric vehicle Morgan has produced, with the first to be the Plus E which was shown at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show.

As with all the Morgans, the EV3 will be produced on a build-to-order basis by hand, offering a unique perspective to those who want to enter the zero emissions class with style.


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