Marchionne Details Alfa Romeo Revival Plan For 2017

Alfa Romeo is finally set to reveal the highly anticipated Giulia (see the first pictures of the car here), but it’s only the first phase of a much larger scale plan set in motion by Fiat group CEO, Sergio Marchionne.

The Fiat boss announced that they’re going to spend the equivalent of $6-million to bring Alfa back into sporty-premium buyers’ field of view, and this will go towards developing and honing the Giulia, as well as two new models that will follow.

Next up to be launched after the 3-Series-rivaling sedan will be a crossover / SUV model followed by a flagship sedan. The aim with these additional two models is to boost global sales from the meager 70,000 vehicles they sold in 2014 to 400,000 annually by 2018; nearly half that is envisioned to come from the US alone…

The Giulia should make its way to European showrooms in early 2016, with the US having to wait until the midpoint of the year for deliveries to commence.

The SUV is planned to debut in “late 2016,” while the flagship sedan is pegged for 2017. Eventually, they’ll add another SUV, a two-door variant of the Giulia, the Spider and then replacements for the MiTo and Giulietta.

via AutoNews , speculative rendering by MPCardesign

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