Here’s One Very Aggressive Mazda6 We Wouldn’t Mind Owning

Why don’t we see more non-premium family saloons wearing custom wheels? It’s not like some of them aren’t good looking enough, right?

Take the Mazda6 for instance – it has the looks and it also has a very well put together interior. Though you will not win any drag races in it, so get used to that.

Still, you’re looking at a sleek profile and a very distinctive face that’s sure to help you stand out in a crowd. You know, as long as the crowd isn’t out of your league.

The car you’re looking at here is a Jet Black, non-facelifted version of the 3rd generation model, riding on a set of VFS2 Vossen wheels. It’s got tinted windows, it sits lower to the ground and overall we don’t see either the Camry or the Accord (two main rivals) looking this well, no matter what you do to them.

Maybe the Passat? Just kidding!

The only downside to the 6 is that in the U.S, you’ll have to settle for the 2.5 liter 4 cylinder engine that’s good for just 184 HP – which is fine if you’re buying this thing as your everyday family car, but not so great if you’re planing on turning it into something it’s not.

What do you guys think? Worth customizing or is it pointless because of the lack of performance?


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