Drifting RC Cars at Night Looks Like Heaps of Fun!

Falken Tire teamed up with several other racing and RC car-related companies and put together a little night drift video featuring 1:10 scale cars. The result is well worth the just under three-minute runtime and features some really masterful driving, camera work and editing.

It’s quite similar to a much older video we posted, which even had scale spectator models on the sidelines for extra realism. The cars featured are a Toyota “Hachiroku,” a Mazda RX-7 FD, a Nissan S15 Silvia and a Toyota JZX100.

They all feature slightly distracting flashing lights, but it’s probably part of what makes this video unique. It would have probably been easier to follow the action live, but shooting and editing in this way you get the impression they really wanted to give epileptics something to stay away from.

Scroll down and check it out!


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