So What’s it Gonna Be: Caterham 160 or Morgan 3 Wheeler?

The Brits’ love affair with simple, lightweight open top models goes back a long way, but looking at these entry-level propositions from Morgan and Caterham, one wouldn’t say it’s been too long since people in the UK discovered them.

That is deliberate, of course, as both manufacturers want to cash in on nostalgia. What kind of person could not like the Morgan 3 Wheeler? Or Caterham’s back-to-basics 160? I know I wouldn’t hang out with that sort of crowd.

While both cars deliver similar thrills, there are different philosophies behind them: the Morgan has three wheels, two cylinders and 80hp, the Caterham has four wheels and an 82-hp three-cylinder engine.

While we’ve seen individual reviews of the two cars before, EVO thought it was time for a track battle to see which is fastest. We know you’re curious so scroll down to find out from the video.

By Dan Mihalascu


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