Scary Close Call Will Make You Move from Your Chair

Brazilian college student and motorcycle driver Renan Ribas together with his cousin, who was riding at the back, are extremely lucky to be alive after a Volkswagen Polo that had just made a dangerous and foolish pass slid out of control on the BR-280 highway in São Francisco do Sul, this past Saturday, clipping the bike before crashing into another vehicle.

You can actually hear the sound of the German sedan touching the motorcycle in the footage sourced from the rider’s helmet camera.

“I was testing the camera for the first time and just taking everything in,” Ribas told Brazilian media. “[The] car came in the opposite direction, bumped into me and hit the car behind,” he said.

One of the cars involved in the accident caught fire, but fortunately, other drivers who had pulled over to help, quickly put it out. According to the local Federal Highway Police, the two drivers of the cars and one of the passengers were injured and transferred to the hospital in stable condition.

By John Halas


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