Hyundai to Reveal Fully-Functioning Fuel Cell Farm Demonstration Next Week in London

Hyundai’s commitment to fuel-cell technology is clear, and in fact, the Korean manufacturer is actually the world’s first automaker to put a vehicle powered by such technology into series production.

Now, they are announcing the unveiling of “a unique piece of design theatre that aims to educate people about the real-life benefits of hydrogen fuel cell technology,” that is to be housed at the Design Museum, in London as of October 21.

It’s basically a hydroponic farm that most likely uses the waste water created by the ix35’s fuel cell system (the only byproduct) to grow the plants. The teaser posted below shows part of its construction process, which benefitted from the participation of London-based sustainability designers Something & Son and the Greater London Authority.

It sounds like an interesting concept, and reminds us a bit of Jeremy Clarkson’s attempt to two a greenhouse behind a Range Rover to filter its emissions through photosynthesis.

Now that they’ve sorted this out, Hyundai can concentrate on making the technology cheaper and more feasible for series production – it’s what EVs are waiting for.

By Andrei Nedelea


Hyundai-Fuel-Cell-London-1Full System (all white text)Hyundai-Fuel-Cell-London-3Hyundai-Fuel-Cell-London-4Hyundai-Fuel-Cell-London-5


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