Woman Freaks Out Over Minor Accident with a Very Calm Video Troll

Leaving aside your well-being, with the way insurance works these days, no one ever wants to be involved in a fender bender or any kind of accident, for that matter, but like it or not, it’s something we all have to live with when it happens.

One thing to always keep in mind when you’re involved in a crash, is to keep a cool head even if you’re frustrated, something that this middle-aged woman did not do, though, in all fairness, the other party, a young (we assume) man, wasn’t exactly helping out the situation…

The man began filming the incident once the police arrived with the officer taking the woman’s statement on the accident.

“I was in the right lane going down the hill and he crossed over and hit the front end of my car and the he goes, ‘you hit me bitch, you better pull over‘. And that was his exact words and he was being a smart, and I got it,” the overly irritated woman is heard telling the cop.

“I’m sorry, I take some “Volta” and I’m ready to explode and I didn’t take my pill today. So I’m telling you right now, I’m ready to explode, because right now, I can make a fist, no problem, I’ve broken many people’s arms, and I’m pissed. It’s his fault, he’s the one that crossed over me,” she says.

“Don’t break arms right now because I have to get this written up, okay?,” responds the cop, and then with the man giggling, the woman goes straight up to his face and tells him, “Put the camera away!”, to which he replies, “This is going to look awesome on YouTube!”

The response triggered an even angrier reply from the woman: “I tell you right now mister, that freaking video shows up on YouTube, I will find you and yes, it’s a threat!”

To see what happens next, watch the video that follows.


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