New Vauxhall Combo Goes on Sale in the UK, will Come to North America as a Ram

The latest generation of the Fiat Doblo van has the fairly unique (but not sole) distinction of being offered more or less unchanged by several different auto brands. These include Opel and its sister company in the UK, Vauxhall, and starting from early 2013, the Chrysler Group’s Ram Truck division will also offer the van in North America.

For the time being though, Vauxhall has launched sales of the New Combo in Britain. The light commercial vehicle is available with a choice of four diesel units ranging from a 1.3-liter CDTi with 89bhp (90PS) to a 2.0-liter CDTi delivering 133bhp (135PS).

Customers can also pick from two different wheelbases, an equal number of heights and two gross vehicle weights (2,000kg/4,409lbs and 2,300kg/5071lbs) plus two separate trim levels.

In the UK, prices start at £14,703.33 on the road (excluding VAT) for the L1H1 2000 1.3CDTi 16v (90PS) model and rise to £18,203.33 for the L1H2 2000 2.0CDTi Sportive.


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