Gordon Murray Unveils Radical T.27 Electric City Car

Gordon Murray is best known as the mastermind behind the creation of McLaren’s F1, which at its time was the fastest supercar of the world – and, before that, for his work and revolutionary ideas in Formula 1 teams such as Brabham. However, that was a long time ago and now Murray is obsessed with creating a unique city car.

So today his company, Gordon Murray Design, unveiled in London their latest ultra compact city car, the T.27. It is a project that was completed in just 17 months from conception to a running prototype, including the design of a new electric powertain by Zytek Automotive Ltd.

The design and development of the project cost £ 9 million, half of which were invested by the UK government-backed Technology Strategy Board.

Murray’s aim was to create a completely new kind of car. One that would address the problems of CO2 emissions, city congestion, parking and low cost. He therefore patented a new manufacturing process, called iStream, which enabled him to produce new levels of lightweight structure and safety in city cars.

In Murray’s own words, “lightweight is the most powerful tool we have in our armory in the fight against emissions and fuel consumption. This is true of all cars, especially electric vehicles, since a lightweight car means a lightweight battery, increasing the levels of safety and reducing the retail price dramatically”.

The T.27 achieved recently first class results in the EuroNCAP 50 km/h impact crash test, confirming the integrity of the chassis.

Gordon Murray Design states that the T.27 is the most economical amongst electric city cars: per km, it consumes 29% less energy than the Smart EV, 36% less energy than the Mitsubishi iMiEV, and a staggering 86% less energy than the Mini-E, making the T.27 easily the world’s most efficient electric car.

The company is talking to three possible manufacturers, and the car will make its road debut at the RAC Future Car Challenge on the 5th of November.



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